Luminescia the Paladin

Born into a family of nobles with ties with the military; her father the General of the Royal Brigade and her mother a member of the High Council of the Commonwealth. Luminescia has been brought up to learn many talents and a variety of skills, but one skill she excelled at way above others is Dual-Wielding Arts; the ability to use 2 same or different weapons at the same time with equal finesse but this skill pales in comparison to her strong sense of justice; she would often don the clothes of a commoner and pursue good deeds around the capital.

The Captain of the First-Class Squadron recognised her unique skill and trained her secretly. After some time, Luminescia’s father has discovered what the Captain has been teaching her daughter, as a consequence the Captain was to go on a lone mission and was never seen again. Struck with grief about the disappearance of the Captain, she decided to enlist into the military in hopes to take over his steed.

Several years and many wars have passed, Luminescia has far surpassed the rank of First-Class and was given the title of Grand Knight, but she started to grow weary of war and feels as if she isn’t doing enough for the people. During the Arcose War of Flames, she fabricated her own death and deserted the military. Casting away her grand armour and weapons she roamed the lands searching for herself.

During one faithful day, she stumbled upon a weary old man with 2 missing limbs; offering to help the old man, he refused and told her,
“Please, don’t pity me because of some missing limbs, I still have one leg, one arm and my entire body, it was inevitable I would be damaged because I use my body to protect. Young lady, I believe the one who needs to be helped is you.” Luminescia then asked what the old man did that warranted him to use his body to protect people; he simply answered, A Paladin.

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