It’s actually quite simple; an illustrator eager to tell your stories is advertising himself.

Greetings weary traveller! You have stumbled upon my headspace which I call Akashic Studio.
Here in this place, is where I contain my wonderfully strange musings and long forgotten narratives in the form of Illustrations and Words.

These illustrations are often completed in various traditional ink techniques, usually in black and white but there’s the odd coloured piece thrown in there; sometimes done in coloured pencils, sometimes digitally or sometimes in blossoming media I tend to (re)discover.
Accompanying these illustrations is a peculiar narrative;

• Sometimes it’s about a journey to escape from the feeling of self-loathing, knowing that the act of inaction is the main cause of what is killing you inside;

• Others can be a tragic tale of a sovereign land losing their beloved King or Queen and some High Councillor manipulates the next kin to throne for his benefit, in reality the people of the land can hate him all they want but they obediently follow his every word because they are weak to the unknown circumstances if they were to rebel;

• Or maybe a simple bittersweet love story about 2 people who have found each other, but are always conscious about time being against them and there is nothing they can do to change that fate, they instead value the time they have remaining as they draw closer and closer to the inevitable.

You know, narratives like that. Make yourself comfortable, relax and let’s start a conversation.

©2022, Akashic Studio